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On good weather you may feast yourself with seasonal seafood. Lobster is an ordinary fare. On summer season, the dorado and flying fish are abundant. Likewise, you could find traditional Filipino vegetables.

During town fiesta or family celebrations/ gathering, you may be lucky to experience a true Ivatan cuisine that includes uvod made of mixed deboned fish and core of banana steamed with local herbs.

Yellow rice
is also famous - rice cooked with yellow ginger (turmeric). Then instead of plates, you may be served on leaves of local bread fruit tree called kabaya. A unique experience for most visitors.
Preparing for the fiesta (photo: BatanesOnline.com)

Coconut crab is also available although a bit expensive.

Tap water is usually safe to drink for everybody.

Below are the meal prices of two canteens in Basco as of September 2000. Lodging houses could also provide or arrange your meal requirements.

Romae's Canteen
3 courses with desert and softdrink P75.00 per head
Snacks P25.00 per head
Edat's Carinderia
Ordinary meals P100.00
Special meals P120.00
Ordinary Snacks P25.00
Special Snacks P35.00


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