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by Angelito Castro

Janice Nobleza Tihume takes the distinction of being the first female Ivatan graduate of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA). She is one of its 37 female cadets who graduated on March 25, 2006. Their batch of 324 cadets, biggest class so far, is referred to as the Mandala Class of 2006. "Mandala" is an acronym for "Mandirigmang Dangal ng Lahi" (Warrior Pride of the Race). For her height at 5 feet 7 inches, the commencement issue of THE CORPS (the academy's magazine) cites her as the tallest of the recent batch of alumnae.

She is the eldest child of Milagros De Sagon Nobleza of Itbayat, Batanes and Constancio Arsuento Tihume (of Calatrava, Negros Occidental) who re-tired from the Philippine Navy. Like her father, she will join the Navy.

This website also gives tribute to earlier Ivatan alumni of PMA: Geronimo Morales Cabal (Ivana); Ciriaco Basco Blacer+, Victor Castellon Lizardo+, Ireneo Blanquera Abad+, Euceo Estandante Fajardo (Basco), Angelo Castro Valera (Sabtang) and Edward Ike Morada De Sagon (Itbayat) who put Batanes in the limelight.


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