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by Necitas G. Alconis

The first seminar for Barangay Tanods in the province is being conducted by PNP through the stewardship of PNP Provincial Director Rodolfo A. Brillantes. Barangay police would be a more fitting title for our service and security providers; P/Supt. Brillantes said.

The seminar is to upgrade the skills and capabilities of Barangay Police as they partner with PNP to ensure public safety and orderliness in the community.

Hon. Mayor Manuel G. Viola stressed in his message that the barangay tanod/police are the implementing arms; they discharge their duties to make our community peaceful.

P/Supt. Brillantes inspired and challenged the barangay police with this pronouncements, "You are the watchdog of the policemen, report any police who are involved in drugs and any illegal activities. We have to establish community-based partnership. We can't be successful in our work without your support". He further said, "the barangay police should be recognized for guarding the lives of residents and protecting properties in the community without compensation. We must recognize their accomplishments."

The first municipality to undergo the seminar was Ivana. Mayor Anastacio Barsana initiated the awarding of incentives to 42-barangay tanod/police in his municipality by sponsoring their PHIL HEALTH INSURANCE. This is a very rewarding incentive that is extended to their dependents.

Basco municipality held the seminar on November 1, 2002 (Sunday). Uyugan December 8, Itbayat and Sabtang shall wait for their schedule. Topics discussed were: Terrorism updates in the country, Peace and Order Situation in the province DUTIES AND FUNCTIONS of the Barangay Tanod/Police by P/Supt. Rodolfo A. Brillantes; INVESTIGATION PROCESS by P/Inspector Nestor Agcaoili, Basco Chief of Police; HUMAN RIGHTS by P/Inspector Julian Panaga, Mahatao Chief of Police; INTELLIGENCE by COPN Edwin Reyes, Chief of Operation /Investigation/Logistics Police Community Relations; DISASTER and CRISIS PREPAREDNESS by Henry Come of DSWD with the support of PSWD Officer Jerome Castillo; FIRST AID TIPS by Dr. Pedro Castillo, Provincial Health Officer II.

Hon. Gov. Vicente S. Gato, closing program guest speaker acknowledged tat the barangay chiefs function as legislation and the judiciary in the barangay and thus feel confident that they are capable of addressing prevailing problems. The governor committed that the provincial government shall sponsor the barangay tanods' uniform of Chalecko (letterings that are visible say and night) and vital equipment such as flashlights and hand held radio for each of them. He encouraged barangay officials to work deeper and further at the problems of the community.

Gov. Gato challenge parents as chief of police at home. If the problem is in the home it should not passed to the barangay or to the police. More important is the prevention, which can yet be done in the home. Settlement is secondary, he advised.

Governor Gato congratulated the PNP and LGUs for the first conduct of the seminar of this kind in the province.


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