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Dennis de Guzman, PNPA 2006 (April2006)  
Itbayatan among PMA Class 2006 (April2006)  
C4C Holds First Sports Tournament in Batanes (April2006)  
Ivatan Directory re-launched by Dennis Barcelona  
Malacañang Appoints Gato as RDC Chair  

Philippine Information Agency (PIA - Batanes) Press Release: (posted Aug 29, 2004)

  • RP -US Balikatan Exercises 04 Conduct Civic Military Operations in Batanes
  • 1st Comprehensive Pottery Workshop Introduced to Ivatans
  • 2 Ivatan Farmers Grab Regional Gawad Saka Award
  • CSC Chair David Dialogues with NGAs and NGOs
  • Basco PAYUHUAN in House making Launched
  • IBAMRA Gets Assistance for Community Service Centre
A Pilgrimage of Faith . . . A Walk Through History (Aug 29, 2004)  
Typhoon Igme Leaves Three Ships Down (July 31, 2004)  
Partial Batanes Election Results (May2004)  
Commodore & Mrs. Geronimo Cabal Celebrates 51st Wedding Anniversary (May2004)  
Ivatan Inspired Paintings on Exhibit at CCP (Apr2004)  
Ivatan Descendant a Finalist on 'American Idol' [Navy Newstand Article][Philippine Star Article] (Feb2004)  
Carl Acebes & Nancy Cabas - Wins Mr. and Miss Valentines 2004 in Ivana (Feb2004)  
IWAII Plans Flores de Mayo 2004 (Feb2004)  
Sabtang Gets Satellite Access, Itbayat an Internet Access (Oct2003)  
Cellsite Access Now Operational In Basco (July2003)  
Batanes Day Fete Ends In a Blaze of Colors (June2003)  
Lighthouse In Naidi Hills Nearing Completion (June2003)  
Refueling Stops of US Helicopters and C-130 In Basco Airport (June2003)  
Batanes Hails DOJ 2003 (June2003)  
Switch-On Of 24-Hour Electric Service In Batan Island (June2003)  
PSC Enhances Ivatan Skills (June2003)  
First Yamaha Trading Center In Batanes Opens (June2003)  
BFAR Hosts Techno CARAVAN in Batanes (June2003)  
Phil Health Insurance, Merriest Lifetime Gift To Indigents (Jan27/2003)  
PNP Batanes Conducts First Barangay Tanod Seminar (Jan27/2003)  
Ivatans Mourn for 7 Dead (Nov13/2002)  
Batanes Launches Passenger Ship  
Provincial Government Confers 2002 Awards  
Batanes Celebrates 219th Founding Anniversary  
Women Organize Movement to Reduce Domestic Concerns  
BECTC Conducts 1st Batanes Tourism Industry Heritage Management Workshop  
Social Health Insurance Program Launched in Batanes  
BECTC Spearheads Trainings in Tourism Affairs  
Regional Directors Interface with Ivatans  
Key Officials to Visit Ivatans in Mindanao  
Batanes Now Online  
Rare Bird Seen in Batanes  
Worst Flash Floods Destroy Volumes  
1st MAHAYAN Cultural Society comes to Batan  
PIA, DILG Host Creation of Development Support Council  
Discovery Channel Films Itbayat Islands  
Batanes among WORLD HERITAGE list  
Statement of Cong. Abad on present political situation in the Philippines  
Drugs Threaten Batanes  
Earthquake Aftermath  
Oversight Committee created for fair distribution of calamity assistance  
Rehabilitation of Basco Waterworks gets P22M Funds  
Provincial Government responds to Basco water Crisis  
1100-kw wind plant to rise in Batanes  
Strong earthquake hits Batanes  
Winners of the search for Miss Basco2000  
Quake Revives Yaru among Ivatans  
RA 8854 and RA 8855 okayed by Estrada  
SEA-K Alleviates Ivatan Poverty  
Batanes Progress Report  
PCOs connects Batanes to the world  
Plans to have 24 hour electricity in Batanes  
Ivana to put up grain center  
BPLS conducts resource rehab training in Uyugan  
Ivana and Mahatao to relocate dumpsites  
IIADP now the biggest employer in Itbayat  
Sweepstakes grants P4-M for Batanes  
Ivatan marries US Corps volunteer  

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