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Novita House - a new place to stay in Batanes
Novita House is a homestay style accommodation that can accommodate up to 8 persons. For further information, please visit... http://www.novitahouse.com

Balikbayan (Sea Cargo) to Batanes

Thinking of sending your Balikbayan boxes to Batanes? Current international cargo deliveries does not reach Batanes. A convenient and reliable solution is to address it to Fred Esdicul (an Ivatan) in Manila who will then releod it on a commercial ship and delivers is it anywhere in Batanes. To arrange a cargo shipment to Batanes, please call Fred at +632.4548794 (Manila).

Batanes and this Beatified
by Angelito P. Castro
Blessed Jesús Andrés Villaverde O.P. (December 4, 1877 - ca. 1936) was beatified in Rome on October 28, 2007 by Pope Benedict XVI. He was the Dean of Theology in U.S.T. (University of Santo Tomas) from 1933 to 1934. While in Madrid, his convent was attacked by the communists in July 1936.

After taking refuge in his mother's home, his military brother, Carlos, secured him at home for three months. On October 15, 1936, he was arrested by "milicianos" (conscripts). His children tried to save their priest uncle by claiming that no cleric was in their house. But he showed up to the arresters to avoid substitute arrest of his brother. The date of his martyrdom is not known but it is certain that he was brought to the place of torture. (Some biographical details were gathered from Wikipedia, www.Answers.com and information from priests in Basco and Itbayat.)

To Ivatans and especially Sabtangans, this Dominican priest is remembered for his missionary stint in Sabtang (Batanes, Philippines) from 1915 – 1916. Let us, the laic and the religious of the world, continue to pray for the cause of his sainthood.

Ivatan East Coast Association (USA)

Some 20 Ivatans from East coast USA organized themselves last Novemebr 22, 2007. Thru the initiative of Mr. Ronald Aguto and Ms. Mary Horcajo, these Ivatans met on thanksgiving day to form what is now known as the Ivatan East Coast Association, USA, members of which come from Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, New York, and New Jersey.
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First Batanes Big Filling Station (April 2007)
Bascoans Hold Fiesta (September 2006)
C4C Joins Sigaw ng Bayan (August 2006)
FEATURE ARTICLE: Batanes on the rise
By Bibsy M. Carballo, INQ7 Global Nation (April2006)
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 Ivatan Canadians of Ontario
   Mañed si Gelio - by Noli Gabilo
  With special thanks to Noli Gabilo.
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Comments about Batanes

Greetings to everyone! It's nice to see the beauty of Batanes again after so many long years. I stayed in Basco Batanes when I was in my elementary years but I think I just stayed there for only 3years. I still remember my former friends (Mary Jane Ibay, Cathy and Rommel Castillo) and my teachers (my favorite Mrs. Hernandez, who used to be my Grade 1 teacher). When I saw the pictures of Batanes I can't stop my tears, Basco taught me a lot of things, my family stayed there but apparently my father decided to send me to Manila to stay with my cousins. I love to see again the park, pantalan, my school (Basco East Central School), Naidee, Mahatao, Uyugan and Ivana. A lot of things I want to experience again in this place. I really love this place and proud to be one of the Ivatans. Well, I just hope I can visit Batanes again and see my friends and relatives there. Regards to all my Ibanez family, kuya Charles and ate Maggie Ii really miss you...I hope you will still remember me pag bisita ko sa inyo. Regards to all! Hope to see you soon all!

EG E. Gordo, Saudi Arabia

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Exotic Batanes (Batanes Travel Guide Magazine)

An eco-tourism guide for travelers around the Batanes Islands. [Info]
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Mahatao Proclaimed cleanest and greenest Municipality in Batanes
Valichits swarm Batanes islands

Tales of Ivatan Courage and Responsibility
When Godfrey Crossed the Sea Alone
by Juliet P. Cataluña
Seven Day Saga at Sea
by Manuel Hernando

Melissa Aguto's Project An article by Melissa -- thoughts on saving the Ivatan culture and traditions.
Batanes on the rise
By Bibsy M. Carballo, INQ7 Global Nation
By Ma. Lizbeth J. Baroña, Bureau of Agricultural Research,QC
Prison and Paradise
By L.Galarosa (Mahatao)
Batanes My Love
By William M. Griffin
Batanes: Majestic harmony between people and nature
By Augusto F. Villalon, Phil. Daily Inquirer
from Bandillo Batanes
Something Different Up North
by Celerina M. Navarro, Ivatan Center, Quezon City
Batanes In My Mind
by Armida Siguion-Reyna
Producer, Reyna Films
Batanes, Untouched Get-away of the North by Blessida Diwa,
Regional Director, Department of Tourism
"Because...They have God in their Hearts" by Fe Gladys B. Golo, University of Asia and the Pacific
"Batanes is Unequaled in Splendor"
by Erlinda Castillejos Ladan, California, USA
Newsmakers Around the World
  From Indonesia
  Official Spokesman of ASEAN is Ivatan
    From the USA
  Ivatan Descendant a Finalist on 'American Idol' [Navy Newstand Article][Philippine Star Article] (Feb2004)
  Batanes Cultural Society project update on Batanes Library System (as of 10/2001)
  Ivatan descendant makes name in USA sport

  From Canada
- Ivatans Greet Gloria
- Award Winning Essay
- Keeping the Ivatan spirit alive in Canada
- An Ivatan debutante in Toronto
  From Switzerland
- Filipino-Swiss organization donated hospital instruments to Batanes

  From Australia
- Free Ivatan-English Translator CD
- BNHS Alumni Directory website launched
- Ivatans in Western Australia
  From Holland
- Ivatan Key Official Abroad Taps Donors
  From Hong-Kong
- Ivatan-inspired fashion reaps International Award for young designer
  From Manila/Batanes
- Ivatan book gets National Award
- Ivatan declared Regional Super Quizz Bee Champion
- Beauteous young Ivatan tops NMAT

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